DownSound Records acquires film company

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DownSound Records has acquired the US-based Perfect Day film company and an undisclosed music vinyl entity, deepening the label's market access and revenue streams according to media release.
"This expansion further demonstrates DownSound's ability to materialise its vision of bringing local product to the international market and with hands-on ability to market and distribute," stated a release from media consultant Claude Mills on behalf of DownSound.

"The team assembled here at Perfect Day is the most stellar group I have ever come across. In particular, my US partner, Laura Lavi, who is highly reputable in and knowledgeable of the business. She has brought in multi Grammy-winning professionals, one of the most senior attorneys in this sector, as well as tried and true investment bankers and music and entertainment senior executives who understand the necessity and importance of independent-minded artistes and management," according to a statement attributed to DownSound Records boss, Josef Bogdanovich.
DownSound is currently completing other acquisitions to enhance its international market presence, including the purchase of a major vinyl skin product company that markets pop and rock music.