Demi Lovato Leaves Rehab

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After what seemed like years, Demi Lovato is finally out of rehab.
She must have had some crazy ass issues if she was there for this long.
"She will continue to see doctors in L.A. who will help her work on the issues she confronted in treatment,” a source close to Demi tells People.
"For now, she is getting back to her regular routine and spending time with her family and close friends. She is so grateful to all of her fans for their support, and looks forward to being able to talk to all of them very soon."
In regards to her profession future the source added that "Demi will continue to focus first and foremost on her well-being."
As you may recall she's been in rehab since November after she went batshit crazy on one of her backup dancers.
Earlier this month she posted a video on her Facebook page thanking fans for...well...still being fans.
She wrote, "I want to make sure my fans know how thankful I am for all their love, support and prayers during this difficult time. Thank you for standing beside me through it all."
What do you predict her future will be like? Will she take the Taylor Swift route or the Lindsay one? Tell us your thoughts!