Danny Buck succumbs to colon cancer

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Former Government Minister and Parliamentarian Donald Buchanan is dead.

Mr. Buchanan died at the University Hospital of the West Indies late Monday night after a battle with colon cancer.

Donald Barrington Buchanan began his political career in the 1970's when he represented the Pedro Plains Division in the St. Elizabeth Parish Council.

He contested the 1980 General Election for the People's National Party (PNP) in South West St. Elizabeth but lost to the Jamaica Labour Party's Derrick Sangster.

He ran again in the 1989 General Election and won.

He served four consecutive terms in Parliament before retiring in September 2007.

Mr. Buchanan served in government first as Minister of State in three Ministries: Labour, Welfare and Sport, Local Government & Community Development and finally, Finance & the Public Service.

He was then promoted to Cabinet rank as Minister of Labour and Social Security, then Water and Housing and finally, Information and Development.

Donald Buchanan, who also served as General Secretary of the PNP, was known for his ready wit and sharp tongue.

In 2006, after Collin Campbell's resignation from the Cabinet at the height of the Trafigura Scandal, he was appointed Information Minister.

At his first post cabinet press briefing Danny Buck as he was affectionately called had this quick response during a humorous exchange with a journalist.

"You saw what the editor said about me yesterday, that I’m a cantankerous man, so I wouldn’t want contention t be between me and you because that will bring bangarang! (laughter)," Mr. Buchanan said.

He is survived by widow Dorothy and seven children.

Yardflex extends condolence to his family and friends in this difficult time.