Cash Plus Liquidator to take legal action following Cash Plus drama

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The Ministry of Justice will be seeking legal advice on the seizure of furniture and equipment from the Office of the Hugh Wildman, the Government's Trustee in Bankruptcy on Thursday.
Bailiffs acting on behalf of attorney-at-law Minett Lawrence, armed with court documents invaded the offices of Mr. Wildman, who is also Liquidator of the Cash Plus Group Thursdays afternoon and seized some assets.
They seizure was help pay a $9 million debt owed by the failed Cash Plus Group.
However, questions have been raised about the legality of the exercise.
Mr. Wildman was adamant that the men were acting illegally.
He had outline to them that his office is the Trustee in Bankruptcy, a department of the Justice Ministry and that no asset in the office belonged to Cash Plus so the order could not be executed.
Assets were still taken after long discussions.
With that, the Liquidator said he will be going to court on Friday to bring legal action against the bailiff to recover what was taken.
"We will be filing criminal complaints against the bailiff in seizing the government’s property," said Mr. Wildman.
According to him, that means the possibility of bringing action against Minett Lawrence, the attorney on whose behalf the bailiffs acted and the registrar in the Supreme Court who signed the document for her.
For now, Mr. Wildman wants to find out who signed the document granting the authority for the bailiffs to seize and sell the assets.
A wait is on for the items that were seized to be returned.
Legal advice to be sought from the Solicitor-General
Meanwhile, Robert Rainford, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, told RJR News the Ministry will also be contacting its lawyers on Friday.
"I am aware of the situation and we’re on top of it. We will be moving as expeditiously to deal with the issue. We will be getting the necessary legal advice from the Solicitor-General," said.