Brett Michaels to undergo heart surgery


Bret Michaels seems so happy and healthy lately I almost forgot he suffered from a major brain hemorrhage just last year.
Less than a year after his nearly fatal hemorrhage, he's set to go under the knife to repair a small hole in his heart. That's gotta be rough.
“I’ve done a lot of neurological tests, and they say I’m about 95 percent there,” he said, adding that he'll check in to the hospital on January 24th.
“I still have a little ‘funk’ with my left hand that I haven’t quite figured out, but I think with a little more therapy, by one full year (after the hemorrhage), I’ll be as good as I’m going to get.
When asked about complications, he added, “Barring any complications, I should be out within three to four days. Then, I will be down (resting) for three weeks. I don’t know if I can sit around for that long, but I’ll try my best.”
So much has happened in his life since the hemorrhage. He finally proposed to his girlfriend Kristi Gibson after 16 years together, but most importantly doctors have been keeping a really close on him to make sure he doesn't have anymore health complications. Stay tuned for more deets on his surgery!