Bob Marley Award For Suzanne De Passe

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Nicki Minaj has voiced her multiple frustrations with Black/urban radio via her Twitter.

Taking to her Twitter account, Nicki Minaj openly criticize morning urban radio programs across the US.
“Dear Black Radio , wen u do ur morning show tmrw, let the community know that taylor swift is #1 and nicki minaj is #2…,” she tweeted Tuesday (January 11).
“As opposed to starting your morning show reading the blogs on air…perpetuating bullsh*t. Inspire the community tmrw Black Radio!”
“And let them know that nicki minaj does NOT have a top ten song on billboard’s 100 right now. And NO knew vids out either.”
“Let them know that they can WRITE their OWN raps and STILL go toe-to-toe with Rap’s Heavy Weights.”
“Let them know that NO one can define them! No one makes the rules! U define YOURSELF! Don’t let them BOX u in! Your Game! Your Rules!”
“And if they can’t respect your hustle, tell them GO F*K YOURSELF! Weak a** b*tches COULD neva!!!!!!! Jealous hatin h*es die slow”.