American with ammunition on flight enroute to Ja granted bail

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A US federal judge has granted bond for the American man accused of taking ammunition onto a commercial airliner last week while en route to Jamaica.
Bond was offered when the accused, 37 year old Orville Braham, appeared in a Miami Court on Tuesday.
His family will have to co-sign a 200-thousand dollar bond, putting up 10 percent of the amount in cash, in order to secure his pretrial release from jail.
On December 28, Braham checked two bags on an American Airlines flight from Boston to Jamaica, with a stopover at Miami International Airport when an airport worker removed a bag from the aircraft an ammunition primer exploded.
A primer is the back end of a bullet that provides the spark which ignites the gunpowder.
Investigators found about 700 primers in the damaged bag and also discovered one thousand of them in a second suitcase Mr. Braham was travelling with.
Parts of a disassembled ammunition reloading press were also found in the second piece of luggage.
Braham, who is charged with transporting ammunition without notifying the carrier, reportedly admitted to transporting the primers, which he said he bought at a 2009 gun show.
Braham is married with six children and lives in Brockton, Massachussets.
He told investigators he frequently travels to Jamaica because his mistress lives here.