Aidonia and Ryno make peace

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While the dispute between dancehall artistes Aidonia and Vbyz Kartel may still be weighing in the balance, Aidonia and Ryno have made peace.
Earlier this week deejay Aidonia extended what persons have called an olive branch to former Gaza lieutenant Ryno, putting an end to the longstanding tension that existed between them.
The peace initiative was orchestrated by a mutual friend who has been in dialog with both parties for some time now.
Aidonia has told sources that he and Ryno never really had any grouses.
With this renewed friendship, members of both management teams have hinted at the possibility of some collaborative projects in the future.
Meanwhile, Ryno fresh from his Bahamian stint and Aidonia from his European tour are expected to release a cluster of new singles in the weeks ahead.