Who cares about celebs Twitter death? Nobody

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Celebrities may have wanted to consider the economy and the holiday season before agreeing to be killed off on Twitter for charity.
Stars like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Ryan Seacrest all took part in removing themselves from the social networking site on Wednesday in order to raise money for Alicia Keys’ charity Keep a Child Alive in honor of World AIDS Day.

The deal was, these tweet happy celebs were to remain silent until $1 million was raised. Only issue is, fans have only donated a total of $200,573—not even a third of the way there!
The economy could be to blame—a lot of people are still out of jobs, therefore lessening the amount of donations that they can make to organizations like this one.

The other possibility is that Black Friday just happened, followed by Cyber Monday, in which online spending surpassed $1 billion dollars!
Case in point, people are either broke, they’re spending their precious dollars on themselves loved ones or they're just happy that celebs are not tweeting about stupid stuff...and we know they do a lot of that!

It’s actually kind of a sad scenario, seeing as though it’s a great charity. Maybe they should have rethought the goal number before killing off these tweet-obsessed celebs!