What a way WikiLeak do the PM wife bad

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If what WikiLeak is reporting has any truth to it then honestly we could feel nothing but sheer embarrassment for the Prime Minister's wife. She is painted as a butto and someone who can't conduct a good social meeting with the upper echelon of society. Imagine telling your diplomatic guest that what you are giving them is somethign your husband made the night before!! Oh no!
The cable, released on Wednesday, has been published by the United Kingdom-based Guardian newspaper.
Lorna Golding is reported to have invited Patricia Attkisson, the US Public Affairs Officer, for afternoon tea on December 11, 2009 at the Prime Minister's residence.
However, based on the document, Mrs. Golding was unprepared and unable to stay on message.
According to the US cable, Mrs. Golding expressed concern about the actions of United States officials in the extradition of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke.

The Wikileaks cable describes the encounter between the Prime Minister's wife and a US Embassy official as "an often surreal and disjointed conversation."
The cable says "the invitation ... to meet for afternoon tea on December 11 at the PM's residence had been unexpected."
According to the cable, "no other guests were in attendance and no tea was actually served."
The cable adds that the US official "was offered some salad that Mrs. Golding said the Prime Minister had prepared the previous evening."
It says Mrs. Golding took issue with the fact that US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had not mentioned the Government of Jamaica specifically in her traditional Independence Day message to the Jamaican people in August 2009.
The US cable also says "Mrs. Golding remained convinced that the White House's delay in naming a new US Ambassador (to Jamaica) is because Jamaica has been "downgraded" as a result of the extradition request delay."

The cable closes by saying that "Mrs. Golding insisted that she had invited the US official" to have tea on her own initiative and that Prime Minister Golding, although aware of the meeting, "hadn't put her up to it."