Wha happen to dem schoolas yah and di bus?

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Dem pickney yah seem to move dem bruck bad behaviour self from coaster to JUTC buses.br>

According to a story in the Star
pressure from the police who demand that tints be removed from coaster buses, has now led to students to seek another mode of transportation which will accommodate their lewd acts, which includes a 'no panty' day when female students wear no underwear while travelling with their peers on the new-found source of 'joyrides'.br>

"A di new joyride, a di in-thing now since wah day yah. Everybody who seh dem inna hype crowd a par pon JUTC bus dem now and do dem thing. Dem stop work wid di coaster dem because dem nuh tint up again suh dem cyaa carry on how dem want," a 16-year-old sixth-form female student of a prominent high school told the paper.

Subsequent checks with other students and even drivers and conductors who operate coaster buses downtown found similar claims.
"Our coaster dem naw seh nuttin again, a di tint bus dem di schoolas dem a rush now. Pure thing mi hear dem a gwaan wid pon dem now," Gilly, a driver who plies the downtown to Constant Spring route said.
In Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, others spoke of the smutty activities which the students are said to be partaking in on the buses. It was said that they travel in groups and flock the back of the bus.

It is there that they carry on with their antics and in cases are said to even have sex, or come pretty close to it. Despite no music being on the buses, the the students carry on as if they are in a dancehall venue, wining and grinding on each other while singing the latest dancehall songs, some of which are not fit for airplay.

"A crazy thing wi hear a gwaan pon di JUTC bus dem ya now. A pure crew a lock di bus dem so nobody else cyaa go roun' a di back. A roun' a di back dem gwaan wid dem nastiness. Pure feel up feel up, girl a wine pon boy, boy a wine pon girl and pure tings, dem a gwaan bad man," a vendor who plies her wares close to the transport centre said.br>

"Dem have all special day when di girl dem inna di crew nuh wear nuh panty eno," another 16-year-old student added.