Watch out for alcohol in foods

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The Road Safety Unit in the Transport Ministry is reminding Jamaicans that the alcohol consumed in food, especially cakes, during this holiday season can still impair judgment when driving a motor vehicle.
Director of Road Safety, Kenute Hare says this is a period when persons will be imbibing a lot of alcoholic beverages and consuming foods which have alcohol in them.
He is therefore imploring Jamaicans to have a designated driver or a designated ride whether a private motor vehicle or a taxi.
Mr. Hare is also reminding Jamaicans that the police force knows where every event will be taking place this season and will be strategically placing personnel around these locations.
He says the police will be using the breathalyser system on persons who will be leaving these places of entertainment in an effort to ensure that they do not create mayhem in the traffic environment because they are under the influence of alcohol.
Mr. Hare points out that this is a very critical period in the country’s history as for the first time since 1999 the nation is on track to have the number of road fatalities be less than 300 for the year. The fatalities now stand at 288.