Tiger Woods: Let's Talk Divorce, Food, Caddyshack

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Tiger Woods just unleashed a massive PR offensive on Twitter -- publishing his very first Twit Pic and opening up about everything from facial hair to his diet ... and even acknowledging his divorce.

Woods decided to respond to a bunch of his followers today -- blasting out 23 tweets in less than an hour.

Among the revelations:

-- He loves the movie Caddyshack
-- He can "barely grow" a goatee
-- His favorite teams are the Lakers, Dodgers and Raiders
-- He eats a "peanut & banana sandwich & almonds" during golf rounds.

Tiger also responded to a tweet from a follower who wrote, "I'm a retired Special Ops Guy like your dad. I got divorced and it was tough as hell. I have faith in you!"

Woods simply replied, "Thanks brother."