The Daily Word - LET GO, LET GOD - Thursday, December 23, 2010

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I relax, release and place my faith in God.
Sometimes I need a reminder that God is my help in every need. When I feel tense, concerned or fatigued by circumstances, it is a cue to change course. Perhaps I have been feeling I must handle everything immediately and by myself. From the depths of my being, I am nudged toward the awareness that there is a more peaceful path. My soul never forgets that I am one with Spirit.

As I relax, release and place my faith in God, I am directed to a wellspring of inner peace. I invite my mind to become still, my breathing to slow, my striving to cease. After a few moments of letting go and letting God, I welcome the flow of renewed energy and the reassurance that God is with me. With gratitude, I open to new ideas, restored confidence and unlimited resources.

Have faith in God.--Mark 11:22