The Daily Word -INSPIRATION - Friday, December 03, 2010

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The spirit of God breathes into me the breath of divine inspiration.
Divine inspiration makes my life an interesting, joyous experience. I fulfill my creative desires and live life abundantly when I let the breath of divine inspiration enter mind, soul and body.

The world is a creative place, an out-picturing of the creation of God. Whenever I am in tune with God, the things I do, the words I speak, the thoughts I think are creative, living and vital. I am led to find healing for my body. I am guided to let go of bad habits and form good ones.

Divine inspiration blesses me with spiritual growth. By opening my mind and heart to God, I go forward spiritually into new understanding, into a deeper realization of God's world.

The breath of the Almighty gives me life.--Job 33:4