The Daily Word - HEALING - Wednesday, December 01, 2010

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I am infused with life-giving energy.
The healing power of Spirit works in and through me. Illness is not who I am, and I am not defined by a diagnosis. I am one with Spirit, and the life force of God is at work, both inside and outside of me.

I consciously open myself to receive God's life-giving energy in mind, body and spirit. During prayer and meditation, I visualize myself harnessing this energy. I see God's healing light lovingly infusing every cell, every organ of my body.

I deny anything that stands in the way of accepting God's healing light. I affirm that I am completely whole and healed. Reaching out to others, I ask for support and provide love and complete acceptance to those who need healing power.

All in the crowd were trying to touch him, for power came out from him and healed all of them.--Luke 6:19