Teachers shape up

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The Education Minister nah ramp wid di teachers dem. Wi caan sey wi blame him either, a dem deh pon di frontline a bawl fi more money and now seet deh di pickney dem a guh in a school like empty barrels and nutten nah guh inna dem head.
Whey di Minister fi start look into is the whole heap a teacher dem whey a focus more pon selling patties and all kinda a tings inna school fi meck money dan teaching. Yardflex already do dem own investigation and it nuh pretty di amount a pickney dem a force fi buy from dem especially inna certain primary schools. Dem have more fundraising day a di schools dem dan whey dem have extra lessons. Plus canteen supposed to handle PATH programme and school administration teck it ova fi get dem little profit outa it. We a call out to di education ministry fi send dem field workers at the primary level school dem and start do dem checks and unno wi find out di real reason di pickney dem nah perform...teachers too busy a hustle!