Talking bout Kartel


Check out di lyrics a one of him latest song whey him have out deh, could this be a response to Beenie Man dis?

"Everybody ah look a hype off Teacha
Mi have rum sellin, cake soap selling
Popcaan and Shawn and Jahvinci career swellin
When we gonna stop?
Aint no tellin
Mi no have no visa but mi US account compelling
Me houses and mi lands are for my kids' dwellin
Me ah di Teacha so no expellin
If yu call mi di bleacha, mek sure yu have the right spelling
Mi life comfy like Dr. Scholls Gellin (laugh)
Oh Ahoe Heh heh eh eh hah ha
Ah Addi di yaadie, Stalin and Lenin
Lawd Jesus, a wey dweem?