Rihanna can’t believe she was in an abusive relationship

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Rihanna is now she's upset with herself that she would stick around in an abusive relationship.
Rihanna and Chris briefly reunited after the February 2009 drama and she can't believe she did that.

“It was a situation I always told myself I would never allow myself to be in. It’s something I would force girlfriends to get out of. But there I was, sitting in it,” she said. "I witnessed physical abuse happening to my mum and I always said I would never let that happen to me, and then it was happening to me.
“Now, when I look back at it, it just bugs me out that I couldn’t see it for what it was.”

One thing that Rihanna hates is when people feel pity for her. She doesn't wanna be known as the girl who got beat up by her boyfriend.
“Before that, I was just a little girl from the island, singing pop music,” she said. “It was easy to think I was shallow I had everything. It seemed like I had no problems in the world....And all of a sudden, boom! Everybody realizes I do have problems. I have too much pride. I would rather put on a face.

I would never let anyone see me cry. And I’m not like, ‘Please cry for me, I’ve been in a bad relationship.’ I hate that you know that and I don’t want you to remember me for that.”
Rihanna is currently dating Matt Kemp and clearly she is in a happier place.