Rap meets country Wyclef Jean To Do Duet With Kenny Rogers

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Haitian-born Grammy singer, Wyclef Jean, is set to record a duet with Country Music star, Kenny Rogers.

The former Fugees front man recorded Kenny`s hit `The Gambler` a few years back, and now Rogers is anticipating what the two could team up for his duets album called `Killer Combinations.`

`Wyclef Jean is a friend of mine, and he did `The Gambler` on his record once before, and it was a pretty cool thing,` Kenny tells Gannett.com. `He did a whole rap version of `The Gambler,` and I sang - actually spoke - part of the thing. I`d like to do something with him that`s musical, for lack of a better term, because he`s a very big guy in Haiti - that`s where he`s from- and I have a really good following down there. I think we could do something musically very interesting.`

Haiti and other Caribbean nations have long been solid fans of Rogers and Country music.