Nuffy grooming Reggae Queen for Sting showdown with DJ Face

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Despite declarations from Isaiah Laing and Supreme Promotions that there will be no clash at Sting 2010, there are some artistes who seem hell-bent on defying that directive.

There have been talks of a lyrical war brewing between female deejays Reggae Queen and DJ Face, both of whom are listed in the exciting 13 Bad Girls of Sting segment on the annual Boxing Day show. Following a face-off of sorts at the Sting Poster Launch recently, the two deejays now have something to prove. It was agreed that Reggae Queen upset the night when she got the upper hand of DJ Face, but on the weekend, at a stage-show in Clarendon, it was Face who had the slight advantage.

The event was emceed by popular dancehall personality, Nuffy, who says he is the official trainer of young deejay, Reggae Queen.
“I am now training Reggae Queen,” Nuffy explained. “I have watched her work and I know she has the lyrics. It will be for me to groom her for the upcoming lyrical showdown at Sting. Remember that I did the same thing with Lisa Hype,” he added.
When reminded that the theme for this year’s Sting is The Collaboration, Nuffy brushed it aside. “Yeah man, you have all different types of collaboration,” he stated.
DJ Face has claimed bragging rights from the Clarendon show, even posting her victory as her recent Facebook status. But Reggae Queen is not quivering. “I have already ordered the coffin for DJ Face. I used two sentences and killed her at Sting Poster Launch … the other night in Clarendon she made a big thing about it being her place, but still yet is she get the first boo. But the crowd is like that. Them boo you this minute and the next minute you and dem is best of friends. But she will have to come better than that for Sting,” Reggae Queen said.