No peace in this Sting war wid 13 Bad Gyal

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We did a look pon the Sting line-up and all we can seh is that no peace no inna dis ya war ya. Lady Saw sey she a study up fi Sting and a write up some whole heap a new lyrics. A wonder who fa throat she a go for? And we know seh DJ Face a boil up from wha day ya when Reggae Queen wipe her out. But Queen have Nuffy a train her and we hear seh Kippo a write lyrics fi Face, whoi!. Nuff bangarang a go tek place inna dat deh 13 Bad Gyal section. As to D-I, she cyaan help herself; she haffi throw some loose scud missile dat a go shatter di calm; plus with Lisa Hyper always expect the unexpected. And if oonu tink seh Macka a go siddung and tek it, oonu have anodda guess coming. As to di commentary wid Twins of Twin --- nuff people a go get lick deso. We did seh we nah go a Sting we a go watch it pon LIME TV, but after we pay we money last year fi watch di live streaming and it pap right dung a grung, we nah tek di chance dis year. Hair style and clothes we seh cause we haffi deh de pon we eye-lash.