Nicki Minaj: I Want Prince Harry So Bad!

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Prince William is officially off the market, but his naughty younger brother, Prince Harry is still available. And bad girl Nicki Minaj has a serious crush on him.

Nicki is convinced that if Prince Harry met her, he's fall pretty hard, and that they'd make an amazing couple. “Tell Prince Harry to call me!,” she said.

“I feel like I’m almost about to be royalty, so if he teamed up with me, I think I could make him look good. I think we’d be a good couple. I’d help him step his game up.”
She's even thought about what she's going to do to impress his grandmother, the Queen. “If I was to meet the Queen I would bow down and I would give her a wig! This wig would be so fly on the Queen,” she joked. “I want to meet her so bad! Do you think that will happen?”

I can totally see these two having a casual hookup. Nicki is wild and sexy and Prince Harry has always been a bad boy at heart.