Looking back at 2010

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Bob Marley may be dead and gone but his offsprings are still waving the Reggae banner high. His son Stephen copped the award for Best Reggae Album with his creative piece Mind Control. This original 'Mind Control' also won the same award back in 2008.
January saw the Black Woman and Child singer Sizzla Kalonjie behind bars - albeit for a brief period. He was taken into custody for a shooting incident in August Town.
Gaza Kim was 'disciplined' on the Gaza strip. There was a lot of bickering regarding Kartel's input - the end result she left the camp and is now trying to take her career to the next level - without the backing of her former boss.

Animal deejay Zebra proved that his many stints behind bars has done nothing to rehabilitate him. He is now back behind bars for the another raping incident.
January 12 will be etched in the memories of Caribbean folks for a long time as its the day our neighbout Haiti was hit by an earthquake. The country is still grappling with the after effects.
Jamaicans were shocked to see on the news that American Airline plane skidded off the runway and injuring passengers.

Black Ryno had his house shot up and of course there were the usual allegations and denials regarding who the culprit really was.
Entertainer Mikey Pelpa drowned at sea while trying to make his way into the States via other means.
Jimmy Cliff gave Jamaicans another reason to be proud when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Jamaica was right up there in the gossip mill through our own celebrity track star Usain Bolt. His name was linked with a US TV star hinting at a relationship.

There was a big question being asked in this month and it regarded the whereabouts of the flossing king Flippa Mafia. Update: He eventually surfaced, it is still suspect just what he did to earn his freedom.
Mac D's faced some rough times during this month seeing the tax department coming down hard on it seizing several vehicles.
Mac D's wasn't the only target from the tax department Elephant Man was on the radar too. He was unable to fly out as he had to 'settle things' regarding the payment of his taxes.
Reputed Shower Posse leader Vivian Blake died during this month after suffering a heart attack.
The gaza king Vybz Kartel saw his studio being shut down by the police propelled by the KSAC.
Tomorrow we look at the period April - June.