Kartel upset with the cops for shutting down his show


Popular entertainer Vybz Kartel took to the media on Tuesday to voice his grouse with the police force after they shut down his show at the Building in New Kingston on Sunday, December 26.

The police raided the club, searched patrons and shut down the Kartel in Concert.

Kartel told the host of the radio programme that his show was singled out for no reason and said he would like to have a meeting with the Police High Command to work out whatever issues they have with him.

Corey Todd, Manager of the Building and the artiste's business for Kartel in Concert, was also on air giving his version of events.

According to him, he was treated badly by the police.

He said he was taken to three police stations and his United States passport taken from him without an explanation.

Kartel promises to make it up to his fans by staging a free concert inside the Building next week.
Meanwhile, Todd says he plans to take legal action against the police for their actions.

As for rumours that the police used tear gas during the raid, Todd says he is not sure that occurred but patrons were treated with "excessive force".

However, Superintendent Derrick 'Cowboy' Knight, head of the Half-Way Tree Police says the police went to the location based on information received that there were illegal firearms, drugs, wanted men and other persons of interest at the location.

He says the police will continue to follow leads.

"This entertainment location poses a serious security risk as the capacity is between around 1,500-2,000 and Sunday night over 8,000 persons were crammed inside with another 3,000 persons standing outside."

He added that two persons were taken in for questioning including Todd, while a female patron was arrested and charged with assaulting the police and defamatory language.