I-Octane seh him and Kartel a friend and odder ‘ray ray’

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Bwoy, Beenie fling a lickle stone and I-Octane and him people dem start bawl out before it even ketch dem. A fraid dem fraid a di Teacha so, or what? The music business need some more deejay like Beenie Man who will stand up fi truth. Because all now we nuh see inna di release where Octane people dem a sey Kartel wrong fi diss up the entire music fraternity like that. I-Octane is from Portmore and him is one of the biggest drawing card fi Sting and Kartel sey Octane cyaan even bring in 50 people inna di venue. Right now, we don’t want hear no ‘ray ray’, we want fi hear artiste and dem management a tell Kartel seh him wrong. Straight.