Govt blames a former police unit for damning Wikileaks revelations

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The Government is blaming an arm of the police force for the damning revelations in the United States diplomatic cable released by internet whistle-blower site, Wikileaks, two days ago.

The cable was dated August 2009, and quoted Cuban officials as expressing frustration with Jamaican officials' lack of co-operation in curtailing drug smuggling.

A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) on Thursday, said investigations by the Minister of National Security have revealed that Cuban officials had expressed concern about the failure of a Jamaican police unit to respond to communications.

OPM said the officer who headed the unit has been replaced and the unit itself re-organized and re-named the Transnational Crime Narcotics Division.

According to OPM, since then, there has been full and active cooperation between Jamaica and Cuba on counter-narcotics surveillance and interdiction.

The Government says no further concern has been expressed by officials of the Cuban government.

Nelson defends JA's anti-drug trafficking efforts

Meanwhile, National Security Minister Senator Dwight Nelson has defended Jamaica's anti-drug trafficking efforts after criticism contained in the Wikileaks report.

According to one cable, Jamaica's counter-drug initiatives have been so sluggish that exasperated Cuban officials complained privately about their frustrations to an American drug enforcement official.

However, Senator Nelson says the levels of cooperation with Cuba against drug trafficking have improved significantly, after what he has described as a minor setback.

He adds that the dissatisfaction expressed by Havana related to a police unit that failed to respond appropriately to communication from its Cuban counterpart.

Senator Nelson adds that in recent times "the cooperation has been so good between Cuba and Jamaica that the dialogue has led to the arrest and conviction of a number of persons in Cuba on drug trafficking charges".