Dis yah long tongue Ras, can swipe!


Long tongue Ras, a really furry burger you deh nyam so???!!!!! All now we speechless ova da picture yah!!! Dis one mek we whole body come dung!!! We deh yah a stutter because we cyan believe we eye. A really di general son a galang so???? Some people a seh it look like di man who a use di muscle fi control you, but others seh it look like the Stulla himself. A no we seh so, a dat a di big talk outta road. We just a report what we hear. Look good and see which furry burger eating Ras dat. Well, di whole a dem did a seh dem don’t eat meat, but we did always know betta. Cause a nuff girls bawl out how di Ras dem tongue long and how dem is very good at the swiping and how dem love it. People all a call up one porn star name and seh a him; dem a call up di selecta name and she a Milk get her solid revenge. But all we know is dat it don’t look good.