Ding Dong get King of Dancing, but we hear seh Ovamarz a gwaan good

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People, nobody cyaan chat to Ding yah now afta Wee Pow go put big crown pon him head ova Stone Love anniversary. Oonu haffi put handle pon him name and call him either King Ding or King Dong, but so-so Ding Dong cyaan work no more. Ding, we happy fi yuh, but really and truly we woulda did like fi see yuh and Ravers Clavers create some more big dance inna 2010. Cause, memba seh Ravers don’t get no award from Stone Love, a you one. And don’t seh we mix up, but di licke yute who break from from Ravers – Ovamarz – him ting still a gwaan and a hot up di place. Him Step Ova and Now You See Me Now You Don’t baaaaad! King Ding, we want yuh fi group up wid you crew and mek some big dance inna 2011 or else Marz or a next dancer a go tek di crown. A real tings we a chat. You nuh see how much dancer inna di dancehall now?