Collaboration is just anodda name fi clash

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People, why Laing dem won’t just talk up di tings and tell people seh collaboration is another word fi clash. Where di hell oonu ever hear bout 13 warrior but no war? Look pon di warrior line-up – Beenie and Bounty tune-fi-tune. We know seh that is just the stage being set fi di friendship dun and tun out inna cas cas. Nuff people seh Bounty did do better dan Beenie at Guinness free show and anyhow it look like the Warlord a go get di better of him at Sting, Beenie a go gwaan wid some foolishness and then cry foul. We a listen out fi di mashalaa.
And den look again at Aidonia and Kip Rich. From what day yah Aidonia a mek some utterance and a fling nuff rockstone afta some next artiste. We expect seh Kippo a go waan unleash him venom and address certain tings and Aidonia cyaan back dung inna dem deh heat deh if tings just happen fi reach him. And not to mention di 13 bad gal dem – Macka, Pamputtae, Ce’cile, D’Angel, DI, DJ Face, Reggae Queen and the rest a dem. That deh section is one big ants nest and a bare crawb up crawb up a go gwaan. Laing dem can gwaan talk up dem talk, but we know nuff fyah a go blaze!