A true seh Aidonia fraid a Kippo?


People, a wha dis we a hear seh the big bad Aidonia run from a showdown wid Kippo? Anything coulda go so? People a seh how a certain show did want di two a dem fi clash and Aidonia and him people dem star bawl, but Kippo did ready long time and all stretch out him hand fi di extra clash money. But we did always know seh Aidonia no really have no guts dem kind a way deh. Listen to him song dem – him talk up di most tings and throw missile afta everybody, all Kartel, but when it come to show time him is a BIG FRAID. Aidonia, it betta yuh start sing some Christian song cause you cyan defend di whole heap a big chat weh you have. But Aidonia, a word to di wise – watch out fi Kippo anywhere him buck you pon a stage show. We nah seh no more.