Will and Kate Pick the Date That Will Change Their Lives

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The date has been announced! Prince William and the luckiest woman in the world, Kate Middleton will get married on Friday, April 29.
They have chosen the Westminster Abbey as their location for the big day.

At this point, they want the Royal wedding to be a media circus. Chances are there are gonna be thousands of people outside watching Will and Kate get married. I’ve already booked my tickets for the Royal wedding, I’m just waiting for the actual invite. Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.
These two are in a hurry to tie the knot! Well, Will did wait 8 years before he actually proposed so Kate’s all about locking it in at this point.

“Kate and William both view this process rather like tooth extraction,” said one royal insider. “They want to get back to a life of relative normality as soon as possible to ‘get it over with and get back to our quiet life’, which is sweet but unrealistic.”

Quiet life? That’s so cute! Kate actually thinks she’s gonna have a quiet life. The only way she will have that kind of life is if she never leaves one of the many castles that she’s gonna be able to live in. Other than that her quiet life is OVA!