Why men cheat - By Buffilous


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Since the beginning of the ages women have been trying to answer this question, why men cheat? Is it something in their genes?

Is it that that they can never be satisfied or is it that they feel there is always better out there. Of course we acknowledge that women cheat too, but it is so much more prevalent in men that we have to try and analyse this one.

In trying to come up with an answer I went to the real source, the men themselves who were more than willing to help with the answers.

One said the grass is always greener on the other side. According to him it’s the thrill of it. It soothes his ego and there is a lot of excitement in it.

Of course all this thrill comes with a price, he acknowledges that it could either lead to the demise of the relationship or the upliftment of it…but either way he doesn’t mind taking the risk.

There are those who admit that cheating wasn’t exactly on their minds, but the temptation was more than they could bear. For others it is just a sheer case of curiosity.

“You see a ting and she look a way and your imagination start to work over time, you wonder if she can perform in bed and how she gonna fling it up give up give you and before you know it, you start to fling on the lyrics,” one cheater confessed.

One man was blunt and to the point. He said if you found a girl and you are in lust with her, it better to give in, have sex with her and get it out of your system.

“why deny yourself the pleasure after all you only have one life to live,” according to him extra excitement is healthy.

His reasoning is that if the relationship was grounded in the first place the man would not have cheated.

“When you’re in love with someone you want to b with that person always. People take others for granted. Sex starts out hot ,then it fades. Always maintain those bedroom skills,” is his advice to women to avoid their men straying from the home front.

The final male we spoke to shared pretty much the same opinion. According to him the surest thing to have his eyes roving is neglect.

“When the woman forgot what she did to get the man and then slack off, always having one excuse or the other why she can’t give us some real loving in bed or being adventurous where sex is concerned then she should know that the hunter will be coming out!”

Other tips coming from him is that what attracts him to a woman is her smell, her tightness, the chemistry, then the conversation after sex, will determine if there is any commonality.

So there you have it ladies, it’s not our rules, but it won’t hurt to heed some of the useful advice the men dished out.