What a poppy show


Bwoy wi caan hold de one yah in. We get a letter from LA Lewis people dem a advertise Christmas special pon him performance. Now wi haffi wonda ia monopoly money him a talk or if a real dollaz, cause wi nuh know if him tink nobay waan si him dat bad dat dem woulda fork out dem deh money fi him.

Check out him promotion:
As of November 25 to February 25,2011 , Rothschild 7 Records, Pyramid 3 Productions and L.A. Lewis Enterprize Limited Incorporation is having a special discounted price for you on the 7Star General L.A. Lewis for bookings of concerts and events worldwide.

For U.K. and European territories, outside show U$55,000. For Africa and the United States of America outside show U$57,000. For British and U.S. Virgin Islands outside show 50,000 pounds sterlings or U$50,000 and Alaska U$50,000 for outside show.

Canada and the Victorian Islands C$65,000 for outside show. For Sub- Mediterranean Islands, Pacific and Atlantic Islands U$55,000 for outside show.
Please Note; All promoters will of to meet the company criteria’s and safety policies before we sign off or commit the 7Star General L.A. Lewis for your event.

Please Note; this special offer only last from now until February 25, 2011. All promoters must submit your application at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance to book the 7 Star General L.A. Lewis.
Yuh a laugh yet!!