Sting all about unity this year

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Isaiah Laing, the promoter of Sting, has indicated that the 2010 staging of the show will shift from the traditional format, where clashes would be the predominant factor.

Sting is known for its many memorable clashes, but this year, Laing said the show will be built on unity.

“There will be no clash, this year but there might be a powerful collab,” he said.

There are lots of surprises in store for the fans of the event but this will not be divulged until the media launch on November 23.

This year artistes will be performing under six segments: The Thirteen Bad Girls of Sting featuring Cecile, Pamputae and Lisa Hyper; a comedy hour with Tanto Blacks and Twins of Twins, spotlight, disc jocks, starlight and the Thirteen Warriors of Sting.