Send home the Jacans prisoners is British PM desire


Jamaicans top the list of foreigners in the England and Wales prison system, who Prime Minister David Cameron wants sent home to complete their sentences.

The Daily Mail on Monday published the list which shows Jamaica holding the dubious number one position with 942 prisoners.

Nigeria is next with 727 followed by the Irish Republic with 681.

According to the article, Prime Minister Cameron, who is to spearhead a cost cutting drive, plans to tear up agreements that convicts cannot be returned home without their consent.

The article goes on to note that it costs British taxpayers £38,000 to keep someone in jail for a year, a figure that is higher than the cost to send a pupil to the prestigious Eton College.

And while the Prime Minister's move may be stymied by human rights laws, the article insisted that Mr. Cameron is determined to do everything in his power to get as many foreigners sent back to their countries of origin as possible.

Mr. Cameron is expected to speak to his counterparts in various countries and believes this will have an important effect.