Prodigal Son to release new album Half Way There

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Gospel artiste Prodigal Son is on track to host the official release of his latest album, Half Way There, on Saturday, November 20 at the Emanuel Apostolic Church, 12 Slipe Road in Kingston.

Half Way There, as the name suggests, is an acknowledgement and a celebration of the Christian walk.

“This album is a testament to the fact that as Christians we are on a road that leads us to perfection. It doesn’t happen overnight and there will be stumbling blocks along the way. But as long as we recognize that we are half way there, that is enough assurance and encouragement for us to continue the rest of our journey,” Prodigal says of the album title.

Half Way There was released online on November 2 and individual songs are available on pre-order on, Itunes, Myspace Music, Emusic, Rhapsody and Napster.

A 20-track offering, the album features other gospel acts including Sherwin Gardner, Dwight Gordon, Shepherd, Jason Mighty, Teena Tamara, Murphy, Rayon and Professor. Half Way There is on Prodigal’s very own Radikal Yawd Music.