One more carelessness

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Our heart bleed for the parents who suffered the loss of their six-year-old in a drowning incident in Clarendon.
Residents have come out in protest against the tragic death of the little boy in Freetown, sparked by a massive demonstration in the community Monday morning.

Six-year-old Rajay Wright, a student of the Freetown Primary School, is suspected to have drowned in a pool of water in the community Sunday afternoon.

It is believed that Rajay went in search of water and fell into the hole filled with water and drowned.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the pool of water was about eight feet deep.

The residents claim that the hole was dug about three weeks ago by persons contracted by the National Irrigation Commission (NIC) to repair a pipe in the community.

The boy's mother explains what happened.

"When dem call to me and I dived in the water, I couldn't find him … I couldn't help my own (child)," Deidria Hayle, Rajay's mother said.

The angry residents took to the streets Monday morning saying Rajay's death could have been avoided.

Member of Parliament Rudyard Spencer spoke with them.

"You must get some redress ... there has to be some redress for your child. They have to come and deal with the hole right away," he said.

Meanwhile, the NIC's Chief Executive Officer, Stanley Rampair, led a management team to the scene of the tragedy.

According to Mr Rampair, the area where the little boy ventured is the site of a 30-inch pipeline which serves about 2,000 acres of farmland, and provides water to about 150 farmers. He disclosed that the pipeline was damaged resulting in a huge hole and gushing water.

Mr Rampair said attempts were made to repair the pipeline but poor weather conditions posed a challenge. However a work crew was expected to return to the location of the damaged pipe on Monday.

The NIC head said the agency learnt about the drowning and immediately launched an investigation in conjunction with the Clarendon Police.

Concerning Rajay's death, Mr Rampar said he would await the outcome of the investigators report before commenting publicly on the incident.

The NIC team also visited the grieving parents.

It’s said that a stitch in time saves nine, we would have preferred that this one life was spared. We are tired of the careless attitude towards these dangers that lurk.