No Bail for the Ninja

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Things really not looking up for Ninja Man.

The way things are looking now, it seems that he will be missing yet another Sting.

The veteran dancehall deejay had a bail hearing set for October 29, however, the crown prosecution was not prepared and the hearing slated for last Friday was unable to proceed in court.

Ninja Man and his lawyers were optimistic after a request for judicial review was positively received. Now, the deejays junior lawyer Ms. Hannah Harris-Barrington says though her client is disappointed, they will continue the fight for justice.

Ninja Man’s lawyers have made after numerous attempts for bail since his arrest in March of last year.

The Veteran deejay along with his 20 year old son and two others have been charged with murder, conspiracy to murder, shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm in connection with the death of a 20 yr old man in March 2009.

Ninja Man is to return to court on November 26.