Mavado a hit at LIME Christmas roadshow in Falmouth

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The crowd that gathered in Falmouth's Water Square for the Trelawny leg of LIME's Christmas Pon Di Remix Roadshow Tour had clearly come to see Movado.

Crowds surrounded the bus carrying the popular entertainer and his entourage when it arrived at the location as the concert was building to its climax. The DJ went directly from the bus to the stage where Aidonia, ended his set by jovially handing over the mic and leaving the platform free for the people's choice.

From then on the occasion belonged to Mavado who performed to an ecstatic reception and was mobbed by fan, including young children, when he eventually exited the stage.

Prior to the arrival of the 'Gully god', teenaged sensation QQ was the clear crowd pleaser as he delivered a lengthy set which was an engaging combination of dancehall and cabaret.

Showing confidence well beyond his years, the high schooler had an on-stage dance off with two young female fans before effortlessly incorporating the young ladies into the remainder of his performance.
"I've been definitely working on my stage performance," QQ said after the show.

"I've been watching live performances by people like Beenie Man and Michael Jackson and looking at ways that I can be a better entertainer and connect with my audience."

Falmouth also gave a warm reception to up and coming ladies Ishawna and Timberlee, the dependable Wayne Marshall and the smooth voiced Marlon Binns.