Kim Kardashian Confesses: I'm Married

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Kim Kardashian made an interesting claim this week--she's married!

No, she's not married to Reggie, Miles, or any other athlete. She's married to her job.

Kim admits that while she certainly thought she would be married with kids at 30, being married to her job has opened a lot of different doors. Like doors to $3 million dollar mansions in Beverly Hills.

“I was nervous about turning 30. But so far it’s been very fulfilling and thrilling,” she told Access Hollywood. “I’m sure there are lots of interviews from when I was 25 and people said, ‘Where do you see yourself when you’re 30?’ And I would have said, ‘Married with babies.’"

She added, “I feel like I’ve gone through enough to where I do know myself, but I’m like married to my work right now. I’m such a workaholic. That role is completely fine for me. I’m not looking.”

She can pretend she's fine with it, but we can tell she wants a man pretty bad in her life. Who do you think she should be set up with?