Katy Perry and Russell Brand Didn't Bang On Honeymoon

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand apparently didn't have sex on their honeymoon! But it wasn't because they didn't want to!

Poor Katy reportedly got bitten by a spider while in the Maldives, and was forced into taking medicine to combat the nasty rash.

But that's not what stopped them--Perry's sheer exhaustion from the medication did! According to Grazia magazine, Katy felt "too exhausted" to perform for her new hubby.

Pretty ironic for a girl who recently claimed she was a "10 out of 10" in bed!!

To make matters even worse, Katy and Russell hadn't had sex for an entire month leading up to the wedding because they wanted their first time as husband and wife to be special.

Russell had even made a joke saying that he was going to be “taking Katy through Karma Sutra” during the honeymoon.

So much for that! Guess they'll have to have makeup sex when they return home!