Kate Moss named best dressed woman of the decade by Vogue

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With its drugs scandals, break-ups, engagements and more wild parties than anyone – particularly those involved – can remember, the past decade has certainly been turbulent for Kate Moss.

Yet throughout the turmoil the supermodel has maintained her ‘tousled sexiness’ – and yesterday she was named the best-dressed woman of the past ten years.

In the first list of its kind compiled by Vogue, Miss Moss was judged to have had more influence than any other model or celebrity on the way other women dress.

In a supplement, the magazine has named 11 of the world's most sartorially stylish celebrities.

And it has given them each a title, representing glamour to urban style and raw individuality.

But is Miss Moss, 36, who has clearly emerged as the most important.
Vogue style director Alexandra Kotur said: 'At every moment Kate Moss has looked chic and cool.
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'We chose people who were thinking out of the box, women who look as if they’re wearing what they really wanted to wear.
‘The whole Vogue editorial team and fashion staff brainstormed to come up with the list.

"Our parameters were to highlight from the year, and the overarching theme that we observed was to recognise an emphasis on the individual."

Although the list did not rank the women in league table, Miss Moss clearly emerged as the most important dresser for the magazine’s editors.

Elsewhere Lady Gaga was named as most ‘visionary’ for her astonishing array of bizarre outfits, whilst First Lady Michelle Obama was named the most independent.