Kate Middleton Surprised by Prince William Proposing

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Has Kate Middleton been living under a rock?

Apparently the new princess-in-training was “surprised” by Prince William’s proposal. The regal couple sat down with ITV News to discuss the engagement, which happened on a recent trip to Kenya.

"I didn't really expect it all," Middleton told Tom Bradby of ITV News in the U.K. "I thought that he had maybe sort of thought about it, but no, it was a total shock when it came – and I'm very excited."

Ok, she’s either really naïve or is just plain playing dumb. Did Kate just happen to miss the bazillions of articles about their looming engagement???

As for Willie, he said he’d been carrying that rock around with him for weeks—let’s hope he was traveling with security!

Prince William Proposed With Princess Diana's Enagagement Ring
"I'd been carrying around the ring with me ... for about three weeks before [proposing]," he says.

"I would not let it go. You hear a lot of horror stories about proposing and things go horribly wrong, but it went really, really well."