Haitians blame UN mission for cholera outbreak

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There have been violent protests in Haiti against United Nations peacekeepers, who have been blamed for the cholera epidemic that has killed more than 900 people, a report from BBC Caribbean states.

A senior UN official briefed the agency about the violence, and says he is expecting a significant increase in the number of cholera cases, following a nationwide review.

Nigel Fisher told journalists that United Nations has been using Haitian government figures for the number of sick and dead but these are based on those who seek treatment.

Mr. Fisher said he expected to find the real number significantly higher. This is the first cholera outbreak in Haiti and it has triggered fear and confusion.

Mr. Fisher said in some cases people had protested against attempts to build cholera clinics in their neighbourhoods.

The UN peacekeeping spokesman also confirmed reports of violent demonstrations outside a UN base north of the country, he said UN troops fired tear gas at protestors throwing stones and disrupting traffic.

Some Haitians hole UN peacekeepers responsible for the cholera outbreak.

The suspicions concern a different base of soldiers located on the river system where the epidemic broke out.

Mr. Fisher repeated UN statements that no evidence has been found to justify these accusations.