GhettOut Wraps Up Kingston Performances This Sunday

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This is the final week to watch Stages Productions hit comedy GhettOut as the show wraps up its Kingston performances on Sunday-November 28, 2010 at the Green Gables Theatre.

Since its gala premiere, GhettOut has received critical acclaim for its startling realistic portrayal of inner city life and its hugely entertaining content.

Starring Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsay, GhettOut tells the story of Barbara, who is now a whopping two million dollars richer following the mysterious death of her husband in the United States. She however faces a major hurdle. How can she retrieve the cash and then transport it to Jamaica without being detected? She teams up with Ruler who, through his questionable connections, engineers a plot to transport the cash to Jamaica in its 'raw' state using a number of persons to ensure its 'safe' passage through customs.

Among his contacts is the Mayor who offers this safe passage if Barbara helps him persuade the ghetto people to sell their land in order to make way for a new housing development.

As the plot gets more complicated, Ruler’s association with Babara deepens; raising serious concerns for his wife Maude who is determined to hold on to her man. Then there are the two corrupt officers of the law, driven by greed and eager to get in on the business.

“Shebada” has his hands full with trying to solve the murder mystery of Barbara's husband, giving Maude advice on how to keep her man, getting entangled with the Mayor in defending the rights of the community, while keeping an eye on Ruler and the corrupt officers! It all adds up to GhettOut being a murder mystery topped with large portions of comedic entertainment.