Charlie Sheen Lawyer Calls Capri Anderson's Claims of Abuse a 'Pack of Lies'

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Porn actress Capri Anderson threatened Charlie Sheen with a television appearance full of lies if the top-rated television actor didn't pay for her silence, Sheen's lawyer alleged today, firing back at Anderson's claims that she feared for her life during last month's altercation at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

"They told us that if we did not write them a check that they were going to go on the air and they were going to lie about what occurred that night in the Plaza Hotel room," Sheen's attorney, Yale Galanter, told "Good Morning America" today.

Anderson and her attorney appeared on "Good Morning America" Monday to say that she would be filing a criminal complaint against the "Two and a Half Men" actor, alleging that Sheen abused her and threatened to kill her the night police responded to the posh hotel and found Sheen disoriented and reportedly naked while Anderson was hiding in the bathroom.

Sheen's camp responded later in the day with an extortion suit, claiming Anderson asked for $1 million to keep her story out of the media. It also alleged that Anderson stole a $165,000 watch from Sheen's hotel room.

"This girl has just changed her story. She has absolutely no credibility," Galanter said of Anderson's appearance Monday. "It's totally untrue. It's complete fabrication. It's just a complete pack of lies."

Anderson was scheduled to meet with a New York district attorney who is considering a second-degree harassment charge against Sheen. Although rarely enforced, a conviction could mean 15 days in jail.
Anderson's attorney, Keith Davidson, sent a statement to ABC News late Monday condemning Sheen's extortion suit and calling it "utter nonsense."

Anderson herself alleged extortion Monday, claiming Sheen sent her a text message the day after the incident, offering her $20,000 for her silence.

Galanter confirmed there were a series of text messages sent back and forth, but denied there was ever such an offer. Anderson, he said, was complaining about a damaged purse and Sheen offered to pay her whatever money she was out for the evening.

And while Anderson claimed she was paid simply for a dinner appearance with Sheen and his entourage -- including his ex-wife, Denise Richards -- Galanter countered that "she was hired to be the entertainment for the evening."

Both sides agreed Anderson was never paid to have sex with Sheen.