Bow Wow Wishes For Death On Twitter


Bow Wow must be going through it…I recently came across some disturbing tweets from the pint-sized rapper talking about death.

Bow Wow tweeted that he wished for death sometimes, because it’s the only way he can find peace and went off about the music industry and how he had to put his “real life” on hold.

Can we get Bow Wow some help ASAP??? This sounds like someone calling out for help.

Take a look at his tweets below:

Brandy In Upscale Magazine: “People Still Call Me Murderer”

Brandy Norwood covers the December 2010 issue of Upscale Magazine’s upcoming December issue.

Inside, she talks about how her shady baby daddy’s toned it down; why we won’t be seeing Sy’rai on “Brandy & Ray J” even if we hear her; why Twitter makes her cry; and why she goes so hard on “Dancing With The Stars.”

“People call me a murderer, they taunt me and send pictures of cars that are basically annihilated. Every report has stated that I was not at fault. People still don’t care.”

The good news is, Brandy is rising above it to concentrate on the new album.

Hip-hop producer Bangladesh says fans should expect an organic sound from the upcoming opus.

“Well because she’s been away so long. I guess people’s attention spans are short now, and she comes from an era where music was more organic and everybody had their own sound, people were doing different things and albums were selling.

So, we’re just trying to re-invent or recreate the sound and mesh the two together. What I do and what she does, I think will be up-to-date…there’s something about her tone and her vocal skills…that [people that] can really sing love her. I always wanted to work with her and she reached out to me so we’re going to make it happen.”