$300000 USD new figure for Banton’s bond


Buju Banton continues to get a fight from the persecution as he tries to resolve the issues surrounding his bail in his ongoing drug battle.

New details are that, the court has increased Buju’s bail from $250,000US dollars to $300,000.00US. In addition to that, the magistrate has ordered that the security company post a $25,000.00US bond.

Buju, who still remain behind bars, was given bail under strict conditions. The international reggae entertainer will be placed under 24-hour surveillance with the costs being paid by the defense, he will have to sign a waiver of extradition, undergo random drug testing, wear a GPS ankle bracelet and surrender his passport.

Buju Banton has been in lockup since December 10 of last year. The Gargamel is expected to go before the courts for a retrial in his high profile drug battle against the United States government in February 2011.

Bwoy di DJ caan get a break, look like dem really want to break him down. Buju, yuh did know what yuh singing bout when you sey is not an easy road…inna your case it bumpy nuh hell.