The Daily Word - Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - PROSPERITY

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I rejoice in the full expression of God's good in my life.

My work is one expression of my prosperity. Into my work I put the joy of God, and from my work I receive joy. Whatever I am doing, I am happy in it.

My work is not difficult when I approach it in the same spirit as I approach my time off. When I see it in the right light, it becomes something that has my all-absorbing interest.

I grow happier in my work day by day by beholding it as a blessing.

I carry the joy of God into whatever I do. My work life responds to my mental attitude and in turn compensates me with joy and prosperity. I am well paid for my effort.

With joy and thanks, I see my position grow as I grow.

You shall eat there in the presence of the Lord your God ... rejoicing in all the undertakings in which the Lord your God has blessed you.--Deuteronomy 12:7